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  • Are you or have you been receiving treatment from an Osteopath, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, or sports massage therapist?
  • Maybe you have been told you should exercise but unsure whether you can exercise or which exercises are the best.
  • Have you had to stop doing the things you love to do because of your stiffness or back ache?
  • We work closely with other therapists to ensure you are given the quickest route to recovery
  • Discover the most effective and safe exercises to reduce back ache and stiffness
  • Get back to your daily routine doing the things you love to do.

Here are what my clients are saying...

I first came to The Studio because I needed a sense of purpose , a reason to get out and face a challenge.

Life sometimes throws a curved ball at you so I wanted to be inspired and uplifted.


Apprehensive about the people I was about to meet , My physical capability as I am a slightly more mature lady in body , but not in mind !!

I gained confidence and an ability to exercise my body.

I return to The Studio because of the friendly atmosphere from all the people connected with the classes.

I would say to anyone interested in improving mind and body. Come along and experience the friendly

atmosphere , you will join a group of people who care about the individual and take a great deal of trouble to make you feel welcome. - Brenda Underwood

I decided to come to The Studio because my GP suggested I did some Pilates or Yoga after being diagnosed with PMR. As the treatment for PMR is steroids, it is important to keep the muscles toned. For my exercise up until then I had always gone jogging but for some time I had thought it would be an idea if I could tone all my different muscle groups so this was the impetus I needed.

 I was a little nervous about going to the Studio because I had been to a gym once before and found it very impersonal so I wasn't really sure how I'd get on. I was worried it was going to be like my first day at school which I hated as I've always been a bit shy. I needn't have worried because Donna your great sense of humour puts us all at ease, exercise really can be fun!

Donna I have gained so much from your classes where to start? I have made many new friends and met up with some old too. I feel better about myself and therefore more confident. I think maybe my shape has changed a bit, for the better! Exercise has been good for my PMR although it is still with me I feel this is the year I'll be able to ditch the steroids: fingers crossed! I feel generally much more positive.

 I want to keep my positive mental attitude and I know exercise really helps me to do this. If I didn't come to the studio I would really miss seeing everyone and I absolutely know I would feel sluggish and middle aged for me it's a no brainer!

 I feel the studio has been so good for me it's easy to encourage people to come and give it a try. Donna you are so friendly and welcoming as are all your lovely staff. You don't have to be sporty to give it a go or well co ordinated but you will feel a sense of achievement if you give it a try! - Katy Ravenscroft

Limited Availability - Max 14 places per class

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